Zhengzhou Olympic sports center is fully completed


On June 18, zhengzhou Olympic sports center, the main stadium of the 11th national ethnic games, was completed by the eighth construction bureau of the People's Republic of China.

The total construction area of zhengzhou Olympic sports center is about 584,000 square meters, including 60,000 stadiums, 16,000 gymnasiums, 3,000 swimming pools and commercial buildings.

Since the construction started on November 1, 2016, CCCC no. 8 construction bureau has gathered elite teams from all over the world, fought hard for 33 months with first-class construction efficiency and first-class construction quality, and successfully delivered the quality project.

The overall design concept of zhengzhou Olympic sports center takes the meaning of "heaven and earth, Yellow River water", adopts the "product" pattern, takes east and west as the main axis, and forms the north-south symmetrical layout. The stadium, gymnasium and natatorium are like three stone islands in the Yellow River, and the surrounding environment is like the Yellow River.

"In the middle of heaven and earth" means the stadium, gymnasium and natatorium are in the right shape, implying the meaning of a round sky and a round place. At the same time, it echoes the pattern of the square inside the circle outside the city of shang capital, reflecting the profound historical and cultural heritage of zhengzhou.

Zhengzhou Olympic sports center is the only "one exhibition and two museums" connected by all the underground channels in China.

Stadium in have evacuated hundreds of evacuation confession audience, including the stadium three layer stands 66 evacuation mouth, for the audience in 6 minutes for safe evacuation, even sports venues opening at the same time, also won't nearly 80000 people in the court "traffic jam", at the same time, the stands set up 129 barrier-free seating and accompanied by 129 seats, meet the needs of the disabled.

A total of 47,000 tons of steel is used for "one exhibition and two pavilions", which is equivalent to that of "bird's nest" stadium, and the combined structural system design of "triangular giant truss + facade truss + net frame + large-opening car spokes cable-bearing grid" is adopted.

The large-opening spoke-type cable-supported grid structure is the world's largest span and maximum overhang, with the designed maximum span of 311m and maximum overhang of 54.1m.Among them, the diameter of ring sealing cable is 130mm, and the weight of single cable clamp is 6.5 tons, which is the most in China.

At the same time, the stadium has the largest arc air corridor with a span of 82m.

The project construction team has been awarded the special prize of science and technology innovation of henan engineering construction science and technology award for its unique construction technology of "accumulation and sliding of cross-concrete structure".The four technologies, such as "construction technology of hub-and-spoke cable-supported grid structure with large span and large opening", have reached the international leading level.At present, the project has won the highest domestic steel structure award - China construction engineering steel structure gold medal.

During the construction peak period, more than 6,000 workers on the site were working at the same time, more than 500 sets of large construction machinery were put in, and earth excavation and outward transportation of 540,000 square meters were completed in more than 10 days.Nearly 10,000 bored cast-in-place piles, 30,000 tons of steel reinforcement and 320,000 square meters of concrete were completed in 90 days.Completed the lifting task of 35,000-ton steel structure in 3 months;6 months to complete the main structure construction of the main stadium;In 12 days, the construction of 2000m2 central refrigerating room was completed. More than 60 sets of unit module pipelines were installed, about 2500 meters, more than 300 valves and fittings, and 12,000 on-site connection bolts.45 days to complete 150,000 square meters of wall abnormal hyperboloid glass, aluminum plate, stone installation......